2A Gear Target Shooting Accessories   2A Gear Target Shooting Accessories

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50 BMG Rifles


# 50 Caliber Sites



Giraud Tool Company

50 BMG comparator gages, 50 BMG case trimmers.


Global Security Marketing

Tactical Adjustment System for 50 BMG rifle shooters.

Halo Arms

Manufacturer of .50 BMG rifles.



50 cal BMG reloading accessories.


Impact Guns

50 BMG rifles and 50 BMG accessories.


J. Dewey Mfg

Gun cleaning supplies for 50 BMG.


Joeken Firearms

.50 BMG rifles.


Joiner Optics

50 BMG bullets.


Just Shoot Me Products

Reactive targets for 50 BMG and all other calibers.


Kinneman's Custom Products

50 BMG tools: 50 BMG neck turning tools, 50 BMG case trimmers.


L.E. Wilson

50 BMG reloading supplies.



.50 caliber bullets.


LAR Manufacturing

50 BMG rifles.


Lee Precision

50 BMG die sets, 50 caliber BMG press kits and other reloading supplies.


Lehigh Bullets

.510 bullets for 50 BMG rifles.


Ligamec Corporation

Manufactures bolt action 50 BMG Upper conversions for the AR-15.


Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels

50 caliber rifle barrels.


Lone Wolf Rifle Stocks

Stocks for 50 BMG rifles.


Lyman Products

50BMG practice rounds, 50 BMG trimmers, .50 Cal Deburr tools.


M2 Precision

50 BMG products: .50 muzzle savers, .50 primer pocket tools, .50 BMG match sizer dies, .50 BMG primer seaters.


Magnum Research

Makers of the Desert Eagle 50 caliber pistol.


Magtech Ammunition

.50 cases, 50 BMG ammunition.


Manners Composite Stocks

50BMG cleaning kits, 50BMG stocks, 50 BMG rifle rests.



50 caliber rifles chambered in 50 BMG, 50 caliber actions.



50 caliber reloading supplies, 50 caliber accessories.


Mounting Solutions Plus

Scope rings for 50 caliber rifles.


My Bullet

Engraved novelty .50 cal bullets.


2A Gear Target Shooting Accessories   2A Gear Target Shooting Accessories
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